A brief history of spookery (2024)

The ABC’s of “Anybody But Christ” starts with Baalam, a prophet hired to curse the Jews by the Moabite king even though Baalam was warned not to do so by his talking donkey. But every curse of his turned into a blessing as guided by God. Yet Baalam sold out to Balak in telling him to just corrupt the Jews! They’d lose favor with God and would fall before Balak’s army. Baalam told King Balak to promote [everything modern faux Jews are credited with as perverse, venal & corrupt] sin. And Baalam was paid for it to boot. Just like today. Cha-ching!

One way Baalam’s corruption continued was through turning holy stuff into secular stuff, like: tithes turned to taxes; truth-is-beautiful music and art turned into dissonance and ugly abominations; science and religious literature alike turned into interminable time-wasting fantasy lit; churches turned into social venues or, like burned Notre Dame, a checkerboard Masonic temple; and God’s Promised Land turned into a man-made moral wasteland peopled by promoters (who say they are Jews and are not) of Talmudic laxity, not Torah integrity. Good job, Satan! Gotta give the devil his due. VADE RETRO SATANA +

Jesus fulfilled ALL the Torah law and prophets; and ALL pagan praxis but in a sacred fashion, like using His free will to submit to becoming a sacrificial Passover Lamb now eaten as His unbloody Body & Bread. Tricky, that. Eucharistic miracles prove that this is literally true as turning to Flesh & Type AB Blood in the mouths of unbelievers “eating and drinking unworthily.” Ewww!

Scholar and mystic Paul of Tarsus, given carte blanche by Jesus Christ’s CEO, Peter, as Peter’s Chief Communications Officer/CCO, is now being targeted by Baalamites because he is the world’s greatest activist and author in any secular sense; and the world’s greatest theologian and apologist in the sacred sense, bar none.

Paul showed Christ did an end-run around the butchery of priests and a commercialized Temple by noting that all is fulfilled in Christ, Who instituted the “New & Eternal Covenant” for all nations, not just Jews like the OT prophesied. There goes the lucrative franchise that precludes a future rebuilt Temple. But prophecy states that will be done by the Anti-Christ, who will turn it to rubble, but only after building funds are sucked up by the money-lovers, the root of all evil.

Paul quotes the Old Testament in citing God’s un-bustable “other priesthood” covenant with Melchizedek. God says, “I will not repent! You are a priest forever according to the Order of Melchizedek.” Paul shows Jesus Christ fulfills this as our High Priest “according to the Order of Melchizedek,” who was the priest-king of Salem who offered bread and wine received from Abraham. (Jews say Melchizedek was Noah’s son, Shem.) Paul recreates all religion in his letter to the Hebrews.

Paul’s letters brilliantly and simply clarified Christ’s divine and merciful nature, His prophetic fulfillments and our gentle duties under the law of love. Paul harshly chastised a long list including looters, thugs and perverts. Paul did it all in a mere handful of letters sent to Jew and Gentile alike. Compare that to the untold volumes of divisive, racist, elitist Talmud and Kabbalah lit and years of schooling to convince minions that evil is good so we’ll just allow Paul’s damned perversions. “Frankist Jews.” Incest, extortion, elitism, adultery, freely brutalizing Gentiles and demeaning women is “legal” though Paul says the wall of partition was broken down by Christ and Heaven is a free-will choice.

WWSD? What Would Satan Do? Write another book. Books like those by Darwin and Lyell pushing evolution written, they stated, because they were gunning for Moses and his God–and adopting evolution was a good way to get laid per Sir Julian Huxley; books like those of Richard Dawkins weakly pimping atheism to collegiate types, also a good way to get laid; and Paul-bashing ermine-covered books that say “Paul hates Jews” or “Paul is a self-hating Jew,” or “Jesus never said He was God” or serving up the old Neo-Arian “LOGOS but not God,” all good ways to get laid with that Baalam bonus of fleshly rewards. Makes for great book sales.

To the proud, the best-selling author, Nietzsche X, reads, “God is dead.” Also a good way to get laid. The discerning heed Nietzsche as a warning. “God is dead and we have killed Him.” Paul says, “May the peace of Jesus Christ be with you all.” Paul offers the Body & Blood received in bodies that are kept holy as the Temples of the Holy Spirit. But educated fools offer lawless disorder as they strain the continued slaughter out of the sewers where it’s recycled into drinking water. As for me, I’m with stupid–that simple but not dumb talking donkey versus these book sellers who serve those who, as Paul says, “Are ever learning but never coming to the knowledge of the truth,” and who will only get more jaded, “turning to fables.” Are we there yet, furries? +


A brief history of spookery (2024)


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