Does Farm Bureau Have Good Car Insurance Discounts? | (2024)

Farm Bureau discounts are available for safe driving, low mileage, insuring multiple vehicles, and more. If you’re a member of the reputable Farm Bureau, then you can easily unlock these discounts and save a bundle on your insurance.

Cheap car insurance

isn’t cheap if the company won’t pick up the phone for you—but luckily, the Farm Bureau is one of the best insurance companies around. With a 90% claim satisfaction rate and a slew of discounts (on more than just car insurance!), Farm Bureau membership is well worth the investment for most people.

What kind of Farm Bureau discounts can you get? Let’s find out.

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Does Farm Bureau Have Good Car Insurance Discounts? | (1)4.7/5 rating on the App Store | Trusted by 5+ million customers and 7 million cars

Does Farm Bureau Have Good Car Insurance Discounts? | (2)4.7/5 app rating | Trusted by 5M+ drivers

What auto insurance discounts does the Farm Bureau offer?

If you’re a member of the Farm Bureau, then you could qualify for several types of auto insurance discounts. These discounts can be categorized into three types:

safe driving discounts

, vehicle discounts, and policy discounts.

You can unlock multiple discounts at once for even higher savings with Farm Bureau! With all these discounts,

full coverage with Farm Bureau

might be cheaper for you than if you purchase

full-coverage insurance

with another company.

Farm Bureau safe driver discounts

By driving safely, you’re decreasing your risk of getting into an accident. Car insurance companies love it when you drive safely! To reward you for your good driving behavior, Farm Bureau offers several safe driver discounts:

Savings vary by vehicle and location, so it’s best to speak with a local Farm Bureau agent about the discounts available to you in your area.

Farm Bureau vehicle discounts

Did you know that your vehicle’s make, model, and age partially determine the amount you pay for insurance? Naturally, expensive luxury cars and performance sports vehicles cost the most to insure. Small to midsize SUVs with excellent safety ratings tend to cost the least to insure.

But no matter which car you drive, you can lower your car insurance rates with this Farm Bureau discount:

  • Low-mileage discount: If you drive less than 7,500 miles per year, you can unlock the Farm Bureau low-mileage discount.


How do I cancel Farm Bureau car insurance?

Farm Bureau policy discounts

You can save even more money by purchasing multiple insurance products from Farm Bureau:

  • Multiple cars discount:

    Multi-car insurance quotes

    will almost always unlock savings. If you insure more than one vehicle through Farm Bureau, you’ll enjoy a discount on all of them.

  • Multiple policies discount (aka Farm Bureau Member’s Choice): If you purchase several different types of insurance from Farm Bureau—like life insurance,

    home insurance

    , or renters insurance—you’ll save a ton. Farm Bureau offers bundled policies a special perk, which is one premium and one deductible for all your covered possessions.


Can you negotiate car insurance prices?

Does Farm Bureau have good car insurance discounts?

Yes. If you have a

clean driving record

and you’re a young driver, you can unlock some excellent insurance discounts. This is especially true if you insure more than just your vehicle with Farm Bureau.

You need to qualify for membership to access Farm Bureau’s discounts. But even though you have to pay anywhere between $20 and $90 annually for membership, the insurance savings for most members will outweigh the cost. You’ll also get sweet discounts on farm equipment and travel, too.

Keep in mind that other companies offer discounts that Farm Bureau does not offer. Farm Bureau has fewer overall discounts than most other major companies, in fact.

The best way to find the lowest rate? Talk to a Farm Bureau agent and compare


from several companies. You never know what you’re eligible for unless you shop around—and shopping around could save you hundreds of dollars per year.


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Farm Bureau’s website does not include any information about a military discount. However, you should ask a Farm Bureau agent for clarification. If you’re a member of the military or a family member, then it might be worth looking into


for affordable insurance.

If you’re looking for

senior car insurance

, be aware that Farm Bureau does not appear to offer any special discounts to older drivers. Although drivers over 65 usually pay less than younger drivers for car insurance, Farm Bureau itself does not offer any discounts for seniors.

Does Farm Bureau Have Good Car Insurance Discounts? | (2024)


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