Evil Dead Rise Showtimes Near Regal Edwards Bakersfield (2024)

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  • A twisted tale of two estranged sisters whose reunion is cut short by the rise of flesh-possessing demons, thrusting them into a primal battle for survival ...

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  • Explore showtimes and buy tickets for 'Evil Dead Rise' at nearby theaters. Experience this powerful movie through reviews, trailers, and more.

  • Explore showtimes and buy tickets for 'Evil Dead Rise' at nearby theaters. Experience this powerful movie through reviews, trailers, and more. Book your cinematic journey today.

Evil Dead Rise (2023) Showtimes and Tickets | Moviefone

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  • Jan 21, 2022 · ... Regal Theaters at Richland Mall are closed. Bobby. 9 Feb 22 at 4:42 ... It was located near the Twilight Drive-In Theater where Whole Foods is now ...

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  • Story line predictable. Corny! I see their a few females that like horror movies. Cool. a year ago. 1.

  • Two sisters find an ancient book that gives birth to bloodthirsty demons that run amok in a Los Ange...

Evil Dead Rise - Classic Cinemas
Evil Dead Rise Showtimes Near Regal Edwards Bakersfield (2024)


Can a 12 year old watch Evil Dead rise? ›

Summary. Evil Dead Rise is not appropriate for children under the age of 15 due to its violent and ghoulish content, particularly its depictions of possession and violence towards younger characters.

How much blood is in evil dead rise? ›

Lee Cronin is very particular about blood. Cronin, the Irish writer and director of “Evil Dead Rise,” the fifth feature installment in the cult horror series, lights up when discussing gore on set. “We used 6,500 liters [1,717 gallons] of blood on the movie,” he said. “That is real, sticky, cooked movie blood.

Where was Evil Dead Rises filmed? ›

Principal photography took place in New Zealand from June to October 2021. The film was originally set to premiere on the streaming service HBO Max, but distributor Warner Bros. Pictures opted to release the film theatrically first after positive test screenings.

How many Evil Dead Rise movies are there? ›

Released on April 21, 2023, Evil Dead Rise is the fifth movie in the series. Lee Cronin has acted as the movie's writer and director, while the movie has been produced by Rob Tapert. Like the preceding movies in the franchise, the new movie has also been gleaned from the titular characters created by Sam Raimi.

Why was Evil Dead banned? ›

While the original was beloved by horror fans and became a huge box office hit, the Sam Raimi-directed flick did spark controversy due to its extreme levels of gore and graphic violence – leading it to be banned in several countries including Ireland.

Can a 13 year old watch Scary Movie 3? ›

Overall, this is okay for teens and up. They should understand the silliness of the violent scenes and the sexual talk is present in most classrooms as well. This title has: Too much violence.

What's Evil Dead about? ›

What demon is in Evil Dead Rise? ›

The Marauder Is Evil Dead's Most Horrifying (& Chaotic) Demon Yet. Evil Dead Rise's Marauder is now the Sam Raimi franchise's most terrifying demonic creature yet, not just because of the grotesque body horror used to create it, but also because of the difficulty in destroying it.

Who survived in Evil Dead Rise? ›

Beth and Kassie's survival in Evil Dead Rise is a big deal, as it could completely change Evil Dead's future. Having two survivors sets the precedent for more survivors to make it out of future Deadite attacks alive, meaning that these Evil Dead characters could go on to appear in sequels.

Was Evil Dead Rise a success? ›

The success of Lee Cronin's Evil Dead Rise, which grossed $147 million against its $15-19 million budget, has now spawned not one, but two announced spin-off movies. Per Deadline, Francis Galluppi is set to direct and came to Sam Raimi and co. with an original idea that he developed himself.

What happened to Ellie in Evil Dead Rise? ›

Human Death

Upon reaching the ground level, Ellie was attacked by the roving spirit and pushed back into the elevator, where she would be trapped and assaulted by the electrical wiring. During this attack, Ellie became host to a Deadite spirit, which slowly began to take over her body.

Do I need to see Evil Dead before Evil Dead Rise? ›

Need to? No, no other film is necessary to watch and enjoy Rise.

Should I let my 12 year old watch horror movies? ›

Gentle thrills can let kids explore fears in a safe environment. Others movies can be very scary and even violent. Scary movies that contain violence or adult content can have harmful effects on young viewers' behavior and mental health.

Can below 18 watch Evil Dead Rise? ›

This is a gory horror film, it's rated 18 for a reason, so be aware hat it likely won't be for you if you're squeamish. It's also not a horror comedy like the originals were, it's a lot more of a serious horror.

Can a 12 year old watch the devil all the time? ›

Parents need to know that The Devil All the Time is an extremely graphic film with disturbing scenes of violence and sex. It offers a largely negative portrayal of religious faith, including a priest who convinces devout teenage girls to have sex with him, a proselytizer who stabs his wife because he thinks…

Can a 12 year old watch high rise invasion? ›

Personally, I am 13 (14 in a few days) and it's a good anime for those 13 and up unless you are a mature minded kid. The anime is based on survival where masked killers try to drive you to suicide or murder you and you try to escape.


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