Farm Bureau Insurance Review (May 2024) (2024)

Farm Bureau Insurance sells a wide-variety of insurance products, including

car insurance

. They have competitive car insurance rates, and becoming a member is as easy as purchasing a policy—you don’t even need to be a farmer.

Farm Bureau car insurance reviews and ratings

Farm Bureau is an overall trustworthy and affordable car insurance company.

In 2023,


’s research team analyzed thousands of reviews of car insurance companies that were written by real Jerry customers. Farm Bureau received a four out of five overall rating. When it came to customers’ feedback on Farm Bureau, 66.7% of their comments were positive, 16.7% were neutral, and 16.7% were negative.

Farm Bureau received the following ratings from Jerry customers:



Cost rating


Customer service rating


Claims processing rating


Buying processing rating


Renewal processing rating


Farm Bureau Financial Services is accredited through the Better Business Bureau (BBB). It has an average A+ rating for customer reviews.

Drivers who responded to the

J.D. Power 2023 U.S. Insurance Shopping Study

chose Farm Bureau as the top overall insurance provider in three US regions:

  • Farm Bureau Insurance of Tennessee: Came in first in the Southeast region (866 out of 1,000 points)

  • Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance: Came in third in the Southeast region (857 out of 1,000 points)

  • Texas Farm Bureau Insurance: Came in third in Texas (824 out of 1,000 points)

Farm Bureau car insurance pros and cons

There are upsides and downsides to all car insurance carriers. Here are some of the good and bad points of going with Farm Bureau:

Farm Bureau Insurance Review (May 2024) (1)Pros

  • A Farm Bureau agent will review your auto policy and search for discounts every year—this is called SuperCheck.

  • Becoming a member of Farm Bureau has additional benefits, such as discounts on hotel and rental car reservations.

  • Farm Bureau offers a good variety of



Farm Bureau Insurance Review (May 2024) (2)Cons

  • Though Farm Bureau writes policies in every state, some states sell their policies through subsidiaries.

  • They don’t offer a lot of add-on coverages, like

    gap insurance


    rental car reimbursem*nt


  • Member benefits may vary by state. Policyholders in Missouri, for example, may note have the same benefits as those in Tennessee.

To purchase Farm Bureau insurance products, you have to be a member of a Farm Bureau chapter—but that’s easy. Applying for car insurance with Farm Bureau is no different than with any other provider, and accepting a policy automatically makes you a member.

Despite the name, membership is open to all, not just farmers.

Farm Bureau insurance policies do include an annual Farm Bureau membership fee (usually $20 to $30), which is rolled into your policy premium for ease of payment. This fee gets you access to member benefits, such as hotel and rental car discounts, and also secures you a subscription to your chapter’s monthly magazine.

Farm Bureau car insurance discounts

Farm Bureau offers a wide assortment of unique car insurance discounts:


How it works

Farm Bureau member’s choice

This is Farm Bureau’s bundling discount. If you buy more than one insurance product from Farm Bureau, such as car insurance and renters insurance, you’ll save money on your premium.


The Science of Safe Driving®: Enrolling in Farm Bureau’s


program can save you money on your insurance bill.

Claim-free discount

Avoiding accidents and claims can earn you a discount.

Good student discount

Students can earn a discount by maintaining a “B” average.

Safe young driver discount

Drivers under the age of 25 can earn a discount by completing a Young Driver Safety program.

Low mileage discount

Driving under 7,500 miles a year can earn policyholders a discount.

Discounts for multiple cars

Insuring more than one car in your household can earn you a bundling discount.

Continued in-force credit

Customers can earn a loyalty discount by continuing to renew with Farm Bureau.

Paid-in-full discount

Pay your premium in full at the beginning of your policy term and receive a discount.


A Farm Bureau insurance agent will check your policy each year to ensure you’re signed up for all qualifying discounts.

Farm Bureau types of coverage

Farm Bureau offers a variety of auto insurance coverages in addition to other types of insurance products.

View coverage details

Farm Bureau car insurance coverage options

Farm Bureau’s car insurance is designed to help drivers out when the unexpected happens. A local agent can help customers put together a policy that offers all the coverage they need at a competitive rate.

Farm Bureau’s policies will provide the state minimum liability coverages that are mandated by law in your state. They also sell

full coverage insurance policies


Here are the insurance coverages that Farm Bureau offers:

Type of insurance

What it covers

Liability insurance

This coverage protects you if you cause damage to another driver’s vehicle. It will also cover you if you injure someone with your car.

Bodily injury liability


property damage liability

are usually included in liability coverage.

Collision insurance

Collision coverage is an optional coverage that covers repairs if your vehicle is damaged in an accident.

Comprehensive insurance

Comprehensive coverage is an optional coverage that pays out if your car is damaged in an incident other than a collision, such as fire, vandalism, weather, animal strikes, and more.

Medical payments (MedPay)

MedPay will pay for medical expenses, hospitalization costs, and more after a covered accident.

Personal injury protection (PIP)

PIP will pay for medical expenses, hospitalization costs, and more after a covered accident.

Uninsured motorist / underinsured motorist insurance

Not all drivers reach out to Farm Bureau for insurance—that’s why there is uninsured motorist coverage. This coverage will cover you if a driver without insurance coverage or without high enough limits injures you or damages your vehicle in an accident.

Options that go the extra mile:

Replacement cost coverage: If your car that is four to five model years old gets in a total loss accident, it will still be eligible for replacement.

Roadside assistance

: Emergency roadside assistance coverage quickly and reliably helps you out with towing, fuel delivery, locksmith services, tire changes, and more. There aren’t any out-of-pocket costs and all you need to do is call Farm Bureau’s Claims Center.

Farm Bureau car insurance quotes

Our team at


has compiled the following monthly averages for full coverage and minimum coverage policies from Farm Bureau insurance.

Here’s how Farm Bureau’s prices compare with other car insurance providers:

Car insurance company

Full coverage

Minimum coverage

Farm Bureau
























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Farm Bureau Insurance Review (May 2024) (3)4.717k Ratings

5M+Drivers Joined

7M+Cars Garaged


What is Farm Bureau’s DriveDown program?

Drivedown allows Farm Bureau policyholders in select states to save money on their deductibles if they drive safely. The program uses an app that you download on your phone.

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Prior to joining Jerry, Hillary spent over ten years in education at Pacific University and the University of Oregon.

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Prior to joining Jerry, Sarah was a full-time professor of English literature and composition with multiple academic writing publications.

Farm Bureau Insurance Review (May 2024) (2024)


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