MHS GENESIS - Electronic Health Record and Patient Portal (2024)

The Department of Defense's new electronic health record (EHR), MHS GENESIS, lunched here at Tripler Army Medical Center in September, 2021. MHS GENESIS replaced TRICARE Online at this facility.

MHS GENESIS is the new Electronic Health Recordthat provides you and your doctors enhanced, secure technology to manage your health information. When fully deployed, MHS GENESIS will be the single health record for service members, veterans, and their families.Learn More about MHS GENESIS

Along with the new Electronic Health Record, the MHS GENESIS Patient Portalis a secure website available 24/7 that gives you access to your health information. Through the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal, you can:

  • View health information
  • Schedule appointments
  • Communicate securely with providers
  • Request prescription renewals
  • View notes from your clinical visits and certain lab/test results, such as blood tests.

The MHS GENESIS Patient Portal is replacing the TRICARE Online Secure Patient Portal. If you have a current prescription with remaining renewals, use the Tripler Army Medical Center Automated renewals line as usual until those renewals run out. Please have your prescription number ready when calling (808) 433-6392.

MHS GENESIS and the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal are replacing TRICARE Online, including the patient portal and secure messaging at this facility.

  • If you have a current TRICARE Online account, it will migrate to MHS GENESIS. No action is necessary from you.
  • If you don’t already have a TRICARE Online account, you can log onto using your DS Logon Premium Account.
  • If don’t have a DS Logon Premium Account or if you have questions about DS Logon, visit the milConnect Website or call 1-800-538-9552.

Appointment availability from September through December may be affected, and appointment times may increase as our medics adjust to new technology and workflows. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we integrate MHS GENESIS to provide you with top-notch care.

There are threeprerequisites for accessing the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal:

1.You need to have accessed care at a site using MHS GENESIS. This can be as simple as filling a prescription at Tripler Army Medical Center, having an appointment with your provider in the clinic, or visiting the Tripler Army Medical CenterEmergency Department.

2.You will need to establish a DS Logon account by creating a username and password at the following website:

3.If you currently have a DS Logon, you will need to log-in and upgrade your account to Premium.

*Please note: The process of completing the online application to establish a DS logon account takes approximately 10 minutes and some of questions may seem intrusive, but it’s to protect your information. The intent of asking for this level of information is to eliminate the chance of unauthorized access to your health information. This application only needs to be done once to establish your account. Active duty and any other personnel with a common access card, or CAC, may use that to login through the DS Logon site.

Note:All sponsors should validate “Relationship” settings to ensure spouses can select and view their dependent’s portal in their Patient Portal. To update visit:

Establishing a DS LOGON and accessing MHS GENESIS Patient Portal

To create and then access the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal, please visit the DS LOGON web page.

  • If you do not have a common access card (CAC) or a MyPay account, you will need to create a DS Logon account to access the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal.
  • To ensure MHS GENESIS can confirm your identity and provide the highest levels of cyber security and safeguards of your health information, you will be required to complete a brief verification process. You will be provided 3 minutes to complete a 4-question quiz to verify your identity. Responses may include providing your DoD ID number (found on your military ID Card), and some personal information including financial questions, past addresses, etc.
  • You will create your MHS GENESIS Patient Portal password in the online registration process. A new password will need to be created every 180 days
  • Once you have successfully created your DS Logon, click on"Upgrade To Premium Account"to upgrade your account to Premium Access to view your health information.
  • Active duty military and families will need to keep your TRICARE Online accounts. When you PCS from Joint Base Lewis-McChord, your new duty station's military hospital or clinic may not be using MHS GENESIS yet.

For questions regarding DS Logon

  • Visit theMilConnect Website
  • Contact the Defense Manpower Data Center1-800-538-9552
  • Note: When using a non-Department of Defense (DoD) computer, you may receive an error message. Click “Proceed” or “Continue” to access the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal. Although you receive the error message, your MHS GENESIS Patient Portal is secure.


MHS GENESIS overview Video YouTube
MHS GENESIS Patient Portal Video YouTube
MHS GENESIS at Tripler Army Medical Center

MHS GENESIS - Electronic Health Record and Patient Portal (2024)


How do I access my MHS Genesis patient portal? ›

To access the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal visit: GENESIS webpage. There are three ways you can log in to MHS GENESIS Patient Portal: Logging in with your Department of Defense Self-Service (DS) Logon (see FAQ - DS LOGON) Logging in with your common access card (CAC)

Is there an MHS Genesis app? ›

Yes, there is an MHS Genesis Patient Portal app available for mobile devices. The app allows you to access your healthcare information, communicate with your healthcare providers, manage appointments, request prescription refills, and more.

Can you access Genesis from home? ›

MHS GENESIS Patient Portal

It gives you secure access to your electronic medical record 24/7, and allows you to reach out to your Naval Medical Center San Diego health care team when and where it's convenient for you. It's available on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

What does MHS Genesis have access to? ›

With the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal, you'll have a direct view and 24/7 access into your current medical and dental health records.

How to open MHS Genesis? ›

To create and then access the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal, please visit the DS LOGON web page. If you do not have a common access card (CAC) or a MyPay account, you will need to create a DS Logon account to access the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal.

How do I get help with MHS Genesis portal? ›

Do you need technical help getting access to your records or information in the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal? You can call 1-800-600-9332 or DSN 312-838-3000.

Can MHS Genesis see everything? ›

And because of the way MHS Genesis will see everything from a recruit's medical history, there's no room for people to hide past prescriptions or diagnoses, even if it was temporary or something they've grown out of.

How do you create an MHS Genesis account? ›

Go to 1. Select option “Create Account”. 2. Select one of the following options that best describes you.

What are the cons of MHS Genesis? ›

These include cybersecurity vulnerabilities, network latency, lengthy issue resolution processes, inadequate staff training, and delayed upgrades, the Congressional Research Service wrote in 2019.

What did MHS Genesis replace? ›

MHS GENESIS was developed to replace a patchwork of legacy systems, enhance patient safety, standardize clinical practices, and give patients more digital access to their provider teams. It also replaces the TRICARE Online Patient Portal.

How do I create a Genesis account? ›

Visit to sign up. You will receive an invitation within 24 hours at the email you provided. Accept your invitation and complete the form for patient portal access. To best access MyGenesis on a mobile device, download the MyGenesis app at no cost.

How to upload documents to mhs genesis? ›

Take a photo of your selected documents and submit for verification. Do NOT use your military ID, veteran/DAV card, PIV card, expired ID and/or Foreign issued documents. If you are on a non-mobile device, you may be prompted to select an image stored on your device instead of taking a selfie.

Can MHS Genesis see Doctor's Notes? ›

Registered patients with health care documented in MHS GENESIS will have access to the patient portal. 24/7 secure access to personal health information ▪ Exchange secure messages with your care team. Request prescription renewals. View notes from your clinical visits and certain lab/test results, such as blood tests.

What is the cost of MHS Genesis? ›

MHS GENESIS's contract award totals $5.5 billion. DOD's plans call for implementing MHS GENESIS in 24 waves or phases. The first wave was completed in October 2017 with the last wave expected to be deployed by December 2023 and additional activities planned through 2025.

What are the benefits of MHS Genesis? ›

Integrated Portal

Improving patient safety is a primary principle of MHS GENESIS. The new EHR allows providers to use one system to view patients' information, such as prescriptions, allergies, radiology, and clinical notes to support the continuity of care for service members, veterans, and beneficiaries like you.

Is there a Tricare patient portal app? ›

Yes. There are TRICARE-related apps to help you manage your health and healthcare needs from your mobile device. You can use an app to find a provider, check your eligibility, make payments, manage your prescriptions, etc. To download an app, visit the Download a Mobile App page.

What is the new Tricare online portal? ›

The MHS GENESIS Patient Portal is a secure website for 24/7 access to your healthcare information, including managing appointments, and exchanging messages with the healthcare team anytime and anywhere. This Patient Portal replaces TRICARE Online Patient Portal and Secure Messaging.


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