Parker Fairbairn seeks to put Northern Michigan, Upper Peninsula’s 107th District ‘back on the map’ | Michigan Farm Bureau Family of Companies (2024)

Emmet County Farm Bureau member Parker Fairbairn has received the Michigan Farm Bureau AgriPac’s “Friend of Agriculture” in his bid to serve as state representative for Michigan’s 107th House District.

Located in Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula, the district includes all of Charlevoix and Emmet counties and portions of Cheboygan, Chippewa, and Mackinac counties.

Fairbairn, whose family operates a hobby farm near Alanson growing hay and corn, works full-time as the used vehicle manager for Fletch's Audi Buick GMC in Petoskey. He also serves on the board of the Emmet County Brownfield Redevelopment Authority and as chairman of the Emmet County Republican Party.

An active Farm Bureau member, Fairbairn serves on the Emmet County Farm Bureau board’s executive committee and has served as a voting delegate at MFB’s annual meeting, as well as attending the annual Lansing and Washington Legislative Seminars.

Noting the major connection between agriculture and tourism in northern Michigan, Fairbairn said the potential partnership of those two industries requires a strong advocate in the state legislature.

“The 107th House District has a very unique agricultural industry, with a significant amount of vineyards, fruit and vegetable farms. We also have other diverse farms that make up our agricultural industry such as sheep, dairy, grain and cattle,” Fairbairn said.

A strong proponent of economic development, particularly in rural communities, Fairbairn points to his time and experience on the Emmet County Brownfield Redevelopment Authority, which included securing the largest assisted housing project the county has ever seen.

“I believe that speaks to my ability to identify a need within our community and take actions to create solutions. Housing has been a key issue all across our rural district and it is something that I value to help solve,” Fairbairn said.

Calling small business “the life blood of northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula,” Fairbairn said he will fight for small businesses, not against them and push to find solutions to some of the greatest roadblocks facing business in Northern Michigan such as housing, broadband, and helping to attract and retain talent.

Maintaining the existing Michigan Agricultural Environmental Assurance Program (MAEAP) is also essential for famers in the 107th district, according to Fairbairn, noting proposals to make drastic changes would be very detrimental.

“I have heard from many farmers throughout the district that the current voluntary program has worked very well for them and concerns that the potential changes could spell the end of MAEAP in a matter of years,” said Fairbairn, adding he would collaborate with other lawmakers to develop commonsense solutions.

On a related note, Fairbairn places a high priority on defending and advocating for Michigan’s Right to Farm Act. “This is the most comprehensive legislation in support of Michigan agriculture, and I have heard so many great stories and examples from our local farmers on how good our policy is compared to other states,” he added.

His experience in automotive retail business gives Fairbairn first-hand exposure to current failed economic fiscal policies and out of control spending in Lansing and in Washington DC reflected in high interest rates and continued inflation.

“I have heard and seen the effects of out-of-control inflation. Many customers say directly to me that they are making more money than they ever have but they are worse off,” Fairbairn said, noting the impact is mirrored across all industries — including agriculture.

“A farmer cannot afford to buy new equipment due to high interest rates and the cost to maintain their current equipment has skyrocketed as well,” Fairbairn said. “These are huge issues for all people across Michigan and the 107th district.”

Labor is another huge issue for producers in the 107th district, said Fairbairn, with many farms relying on a temporary seasonal workforce, calling the current process “difficult and cumbersome.”

“I also will be a fierce advocate for H2A and H2B visas as my district relies heavily on both. We need to have comprehensive immigration reform and we need to ensure that we separate the illegal immigration conversation and the legal temporary worker conversation and not associate the two,” Fairbairn added.

In addition to the MFB AgriPac endorsem*nt, Fairbairn been endorsed by many past and present Emmet County Commissioners, Emmet County Sheriff Peter Wallin and most recently, Congressman Jack Bergman who announced his support in mid-June.

“Bottom line up front: I wholeheartedly endorse Parker Fairbairn for State Representative in the 107th House District. “Northern Michigan and the Eastern U.P. deserve a voice in Lansing. We need a Representative that will fight for our shared conservative values, represent the district with honor, and stand for ALL that call the 107th District home,” Bergman said.

Fairbairn, who resides in Harbor Springs with wife Victoria, earned a bachelor’s in business administration from Northwood University, and an MBA-DeVos Graduate School of Management.

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Parker Fairbairn seeks to put Northern Michigan, Upper Peninsula’s 107th District ‘back on the map’ | Michigan Farm Bureau Family of Companies (2024)


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