Best Transaction Management for Brokers | Dotloop (2024)

Best Transaction Management for Brokers | Dotloop (1)

The Category Leader for 2022

GetApp named dotloop the 2022 Leader in the Real Estate Transaction Management category with an overall score of 99 out of 100 and 18 out of 20 for the following criteria: Ease of use, value for money, functionality, likely to recommend and customer support.

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Best Real Estate Transaction Management Software

Dotloop is an end-to-end real estate transaction management software designed to streamline collaboration by consolidating compliance, storage, form editing and digital signatures into a single platform.

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Meeting All Your Transaction Management Needs

The Chosen Software by 10,000 Real Estate Brokerages and Teams

Track Deals and Grow Your Brokerage

With robust reporting tools, brokers have full visibility into their business, from deals that are under contract to measuring individual agent performance.

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Recruit Agents With the Best Technology

Dotloop helps real estate agents streamline transactions by bringing eSignatures, documents and storage into a single mobile app (available for iOS and Android).

Automate Compliance

Simplify compliance for transaction coordinators with automated workflows, instant notifications and custom task management that will help you speed up the document review process.

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Transaction Templates Agents Will Love

Save time and keep agents compliant with listing and buying transaction templates that contain all the required forms, people and checklists.

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Extensive Licensed Forms Coverage

In addition to a robust document editor, dotloop partnered with over 190 Associations and MLSs for easy access to forms that can auto-fill with property details so agents can write contracts in seconds.

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Integrate Your CRM and Back Office Software

With over 75 integrations, you can seamlessly connect your CRM, accounting and marketing platforms to your transaction management software.

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Centralize Transaction Data and Automate Reporting

Using separate platforms for eSignatures, form management and compliance creates data gaps as agents and transaction coordinators are constantly exporting and importing flat PDFs. Dotloop eliminates the need to move transaction data because you’re using one platform to manage the entire real estate transaction.

  • New listings
  • Agent productivity
  • Referral sources
  • Transactions by status and more

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Live Dashboards

Create custom dashboards to visualize your agents’ pipeline, data on specific transactions, multi-office views, agent performance, deals that fell through and more.

Export Reports

Go deeper into your transaction data by quickly exporting reports to better understand things like geographic location of inventory, property types, deals per agent, etc.

Combine CRM and Accounting Data

With turnkey integrations with popular real estate softwares like BoomTown, Market Leader, QuickBooks and many others, Brokers can track ROI, sync financials and commissions.

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Can You Run Compliance From Your Phone?

Top-rated mobile app: 4.8/5 stars with 48,000+ Reviews

Brokers and transaction coordinators no longer have to carry around their laptops searching for WIFI or have to feel chained to a desktop in order to run compliance – with dotloop’s mobile app they can do it all from their phone.

Submit and Review Documents

Agents can easily submit documents for review and transaction coordinators can go through the review process, add notes and request changes as needed.

Instant Notifications

As soon as documents are submitted for compliance or get approved, the right people get notified via email and push notifications – this can also be customized based on your preference.

Oversee All Transactions

Brokers and admins can access any transaction directly from their phone to help agents move deals along, make updates or even assign tasks and set due dates.

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Highly Rated and Recommended

Rated at 4.7/5 stars with hundreds of verified reviews in the real estate transaction management software category

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Why Real Estate Brokers Prefer Dotloop

Your transaction management software should give you more than eSignatures, forms and compliance. At dotloop, we’re committed to create a seamless onboarding experience for your agents and transaction coordinators but more importantly, we’re here to help you reach your goals.

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Top Real Estate Brands Trust dotloop

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Questions From Other Brokers

FAQs about our real estate transaction management software.

What is a transaction management software?

The term “real estate transaction management” has a wide-ranging connotation in the real estate industry to describe a software app that, at a minimum, provides an eSignature platform with autofill, maybe some storage capabilities and possibly integration with a CRM and/or back-office app.

However, to provide the most value to real estate brokers, agents, teams, and transaction coordinators, a true end-to-end transaction management software needs to be users friendly so agents can quickly adopt it but robust enough that admins have visibility into all transactions and business owners can continue to scale - all through a single login.

To learn more, check out our complete transaction management software guide for real estate.

How can dotloop help me expand my brokerage?

Dotloop is an ideal solution for growing real estate brokerages with multiple offices and locations - especially across states. That’s why so many brokerages and agents use our transaction management software to stay connected with their transaction coordinators, clients and other agents.

What are the benefits for transaction coordinators?

Beyond having your forms, digital signatures, compliance workflows and custom templates in one place, transaction coordinators love the following benefits and features:


As a transaction coordinator, you can easily share, edit, communicate and modify transactions on behalf of any agent. This keeps the agent front and center of the clients while tracking in the activity log who did what (agent or transaction coordinator) in the activity log for compliance purposes.

Standarize transactions

Dotloop gives brokers and transaction coordinators the ability to templatize all elements of a transaction to simplify compliance and increase agent productivity. From full transaction templates that contain all the required documents to custom task lists based on the transaction type and business-specific documents.

Custom views and reporting

Not only can you easily see all the transactions based on their stage (under contract, in escrow, closed, etc.) but can also create reports to measure the value of each one. Additionally, transaction coordinators can filter deals using custom review statuses to organize their day and easily collaborate with agents. For instance, you can pull all transactions that have the "Awaiting review" status to see which deals need immediate attention.

Does dotloop integrate with CRMs and other software?

Yes, our transaction management software integrates with more than 75 leading real estate platforms including CRMs, marketing, accounting and other backend systems to sync data, fuel reporting and perform useful functions like creating 1099s.

For a full list of our integrations, visit

How can dotloop streamline real estate compliance?

With dotloop, real estate brokers and transaction coordinators can simplify and accelerate the compliance process with features like:

Automated Workflows

Tell dotloop who, what and when needs to happen based on the transaction type or stage. For instance, as soon as a transaction goes under contract, you can set up logic in dotloop to notify you or anyone on your team to start the review process.

Transaction Templates

Imagine if you could ensure that every time your agents start a transaction, all the required documents, people and tasks are automatically added without having to remind them.

Dotloop gives you the power to create templates for each type of transaction (listing, buying, renting, etc.) so agents don’t have to spend time setting up documents and transaction coordinators can speed up compliance.

Activity Log

To ensure that your brokerage is always protected and compliant, dotloop’s activity log tracks every action taken throughout the entire deal. Know with confidence who did what and when, so you can rest easy in case of an audit.

Is there an onboarding process for my brokerage?

Yes! We know implementing a new transaction management software can be intimidating. After 10 years of working with thousands of real estate brokerages from across the country and of all sizes, our onboarding process has proven to drive agent adoption and overall business growth. And the numbers speak for themselves - 98% retention rate and 92% customer satisfaction rate tell us that our customers love dotloop.

Dedicated Success Manager

When you become a dotloop Business+ customer, you will have access to a dedicated Success Manager which will not only create a custom onboarding process for your brokerage but will be a strategic resource throughout our partnership. Your Success Manager will support your business goals and help your agents get the most out of the tools you provide.

Learn more about our onboarding process.

Training Resources

From launch, you and your agents will have instant access to a wide variety of training resources:

  • Free online webinars
  • An on-demand video library
  • Detailed support articles
  • Online certification programs
  • CE courses and more

Tech Support

Our support team will be available to assist you and your agents 7 days a week. And as a dotloop Business+ customer, you have unlimited access via phone, email and chat.

If you want to know more about our onboarding process connect with one of our business consultants today.

Can dotloop make my proprietary forms interactive?

Absolutely! In addition to instantly having access to over 190 MLS feeds and association form libraries, our team will make your brokerage documents interactive so they can be added to your templates and agents can easily autofill them at the click of a button.

A true real estate transaction management software should give you the ability to create, share, eSign and store documents - at the very least.

Best Real Estate Transaction Management Software

Learn why over 7,400 real estate brokerages trust dotloop as their transaction management software!

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Best Transaction Management for Brokers | Dotloop (2024)


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